Yes. Era makeup is water-resistant. In fact, exposing Era makeup to water actually seals the makeup rather than removes it.

Airbrush makeup is hygienic providing flawless coverage minimizing skin imperfections while giving the skin a beautiful natural healthy finished result. It is lightweight and buildable making it easy to layer for desired coverage. The micro droplets of pigments are wrapped in bubbles of water and when applied to the skin they explode providing perfection without leaving a line of demarcation. You cannot see where makeup ends and skin begins.

When you apply Era makeup make sure you press and buff with your sponge, blender or puff to remove any excess product. Doing so will set and seal the product. To add further protection once you have pressed, buffed and the application is dry, mist the applicated area with water and let dry. This will completely seal the Era makeup insuring the wear and water-resistant performance.

There are no rules with regards to the Era makeup application. You can spray it on and achieve the airbrush finish, spray small dots on your cheeks, forehead, chin and blend, spray into sponge/blender and apply, spray into a big fluffy brush and apply, spray onto a palette and apply, spray into the palm of your hand and apply. Many users are fans of using a blender, however, use the application you are most comfortable with to achieve flawless coverage.

Yes. Shake the can well. Spray a small coin sized amount into the palm of your hand and use your ring finger or applicator to apply under the eyes, around the nose, blemishes, sun damage, dark spots etc.

Yes. Era makeup is perfect for all skin types, tones and ages. With regards to mature skin, the Era makeup formula is not only moisturizing but also because of the light reflecting properties in the formula it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pore size. Equally the buildable coverage helps cover up the appearance of sun damage, age spots, dark circles, rosacea and other signs of aging skin. We recommend you use Era Primer in collaboration with Era Foundation which adds to the benefits and overall performance.

Yes. All Era products are Paraben, Talc and Cruelty free. We are continually striving to be good for the skin, body and environment.